Resveratrol Supplements - Biotivia’s Transmax and Bioforte Chosen As LiveStrong’s Top Recommendations

LiveStrong, a leading fitness and wellness internet based company, recently announced it has opted to recommend Biotivia Transmax and Bioforte as their resveratrol supplements of choice.

These two brand names are considered high enough in quality, strength, and purity required for clinical trials. Since these brands have little if any additives and are replete with trans-resveratrol isomer, they make a popular choice for medical schools and NIH sponsored tests.

James Betz, Biotivia founder and CEO of Biotivia said: “This recommendation comes at a time when their are hundreds of resveratrol supplements to choose from, many of which have little or no actual trans-resveratrol isomer in their product. Transmax is 98% or better trans-resveratrol, and with 500mg per capsule it is the most potent and bio-available product in the market place. It has been the best selling 500mg resveratrol supplement since its introduction three years ago. Since that time it has been constantly improved. In the Consumer Lab resveratrol evaluations just published, Transmax was the only 500mg supplement that passed their rigorous testing. Recently Transmax TR, a time release version of the acclaimed supplement was released.”

Both supplements were used in two well-known studies examining resveratrol treatment on pre-diabetes and cognitive function. The studies conducted by the Albert Einstein Medical Center and Northumberland University were highly successful and will appear in serious, peer reviewed medical publications.

Betz added, “This is a strong testament to the quality, purity and efficacy of Biotivia Transmax and Bioforte. Biotivia’s Bioforte has been the world’s best selling 250mg resveratrol supplement for over 5 years. “

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