Republicans Voice Opposition To Implementation Of New Tier 5 Unemployment Benefits

Tier 5 Unemployment Extension

Tier 5 Unemployment Extension

The 99ers, the unemployed people in America who have exhausted the 99 weeks’ worth of federal unemployment benefits given under the current benefits structure, as well as the numerous other supporters of the introduction of a new Tier 5 to the current benefits structure were disappointed by the stance against unemployment extension being taken by the Republicans, which was clearly spelled out in a recent speech by Congressman John Boehner (R Ohio), the House Minority Leader.

Although most people in America seem to accept, in principle at least, that a new Tier 5 addition to the current benefits structure is necessary, especially in view of the recent reports that an incredible 500,000 new unemployment benefits applications were filed in one week, and the implications that this is having on the American economy, Congressman Boehner clearly outlined the Republicans opposition to any extensions or additions to the current unemployment benefits structure.

Congressman Boehner, who is poised to become the new Speaker of the House in the event of the Republicans winning back control of the House in the fall elections, even went as far as to criticize the Democrats for their current spending on unemployment extension, stating “Here’s an example of how out-of-hand things have become - we have recently seen Washington politicians take victory laps for spending billions of dollars to continue providing unemployment insurance. These benefits are held up as a ‘jobs plan’ and ‘stimulus’ for the economy. Keeping workers on the unemployment rolls instead of fostering small-business and private sector growth is not a responsible jobs plan.”