Sports Nutrition Supplements - Top Secret Nutrition Launches Two Groundbreaking Products

Top Secret Nutrition (TSN), a manufacturer of nutritional supplements, recently announced its plans to enter the lucrative sports nutritional supplements market by introducing two new products - Astravar and N.O. 370. Each product is created from a new, clinically-trialed item termed Astragin that aids the body in absorbing nutrients. Test subjects have reported increases of strength and endurance while taking this supplement.

A clinical test claims Astravar can heighten the absorption rate of L-arginine by a whopping 62%. Furthermore, the study says the supplement can be “stacked” in order to improve the effects of nitric oxide, amino acids, creatine, vitamins, or any other protein supplement on the market.

N.O. 370 has been described as “the best pre-workout product they have ever tried” by several test participants. It is marketed as a before-workout supplement but can also be used as a recovery aid. The study revealed it increases muscle glycogen replenishment by 370%. The nickname attributed to the supplement is “The Record Breaker” because of its role in personal best achievements by many people.

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