Acid Reflux Surgery - New Option Promises Faster Recovery And No Visible Scarring

Montefiore Medical Center has brought to market a safe, all natural orifice surgery conducted through the mouth in order to treat gastroesophaeal reflux disease, otherwise known as acid reflux. Recovery is much faster with this procedure as no cutting is required. And since there is no need for cuts, there is no visible scarring.

“This procedure represents the next step in the evolution of surgery, which can greatly enhance the quality of life for people who suffer from acid reflux,” said Diego Camacho, MD, Director of Minimally Invasive and Laparoscopic Surgery at Montefiore and one of only a small number of surgeons performing this surgery in the U.S. since it was approved by the FDA. “The procedure through the mouth can be an option for patients who otherwise would be on reflux medication their entire lives and it is less invasive than past surgical options and results in reduced pain and discomfort.”

As described by Dr. Camacho, a rod-type instrument is carefully dropped down the esophagus via the mouth, as opposed to the abdomen, and is steered by a camera inside the metal device. The device when in position re-assembles the tissue folds to re-build the anti-reflux valve.

“This procedure reconstructs the antireflux valve and restores the body’s natural protection against reflux,” said Dr. Camacho. “It provides a solution that treats the cause of acid reflux by restoring the body’s natural protection against reflux and stops further deterioration to the esophagus.”

The operation lasts between 45 to 60 minutes long and the patients under normal circumstances can return home the same day.

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