Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Debate Not In Senate Schedule

Unemployment Extension

Unemployment Extension

The latest reports from within Congress seem to indicate that the ‘Americans Want to Work Act’ or S.3706 unemployment extension bill presented by Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) has not been included in the Senate’s schedule. This new bill proposes to extend the current 99 weeks’ worth of Federal Unemployment Benefits given to the unemployed by a further 20 weeks.

Despite the fact that most people in America realize and agree that a new Tier 5 unemployment benefits scheme is now necessary even if it results in a higher deficit, Congress seems quite happy to delay any debate on this topic till after the upcoming mid-term elections. Congress insiders have also pointed out that there is no real point discussing Senator Stabenow’s bill or any other bill that proposes unemployment benefits extensions, as they are all dependent on the existing tiers of unemployment benefits, which are due to expire on the 30th of November.

Advocates for the unemployment extension point out that in extending current tiers of unemployment benefits as well as adding a new 5th Tier of benefits, Congress will be throwing a vital lifeline to many families affected by the economic conditions, as well as putting money in the hands of these people which will in turn provide the the stalling economy with much needed stimulus.