Electronic Equipment Insurance - Cost Effective Service Protects Electronics Gifts Against Wide Range Of Risks

With sales of consumer electronics projected to reach an all-time this holiday season, the Worth Avenue Group, an electronic device insurance provider with over three decades’ worth of experience, is offering consumers a reliable and cost effective means of protecting their electronics gifts against a wide range of risks that most extended warranties and homeowner insurance policies simply don’t cover.

Aaron Cooper, the Marketing Director at Worth Avenue Group, issued the following statement regarding the comprehensive electronics devices insurance offered by them: “Most people turn down retailers’ pitches for extended warranties because of the cost, or because they figure their homeowners coverage will suffice. Actually there are problems with both alternatives. Yes, extended warranties are expensive—and they don’t cover theft, accidental damage, or software loss. Homeowners policies typically have high deductibles ranging from $500 to $1,000, which lets insurance companies completely off the hook for most electronics. With up to 80 percent of all iPhone and iPad failures caused by accidental damage, only insurance like ours will ensure that the owner’s device and all its software are covered completely, against all risks, at full replacement cost. With an annual premium as low as only $37 for an Apple iPad, Worth Ave. Group coverage is often more appreciated by gift recipients than an accessory item. It truly makes the gift complete.”

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