Amazon.com Launches Amazon.it Italian Website

Amazon.com recently announced the introduction of Amazon.it, a website for its Italian audience listing a large offering of video games, books, electronics, and DVDs. This new website has more listings than any other web offering Amazon.com has launched before, and included is a membership option called Amazon Prime that offers guaranteed 2-3 day delivery for a yearly charge of under ten euros.

To kick off the new online shopping tool, Amazon.com is slashing 30 percent off a wide selection of books and will have sales on many other merchandise that it has in stock.

“On August 3, 1995, we shipped our first order to Italy from the U.S.,” said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com. “A customer in Genova ordered a book called ‘Ranks of Bronze’. Since then, we’ve shipped millions of items across a broad range of categories to customers in Italy, from our websites around the world. We are now excited to open our virtual doors directly to Italian customers.”

“We’re thrilled that Italian customers can now also benefit from our popular global ‘All you can eat’ membership program. Amazon Prime provides customers in Italy unlimited free 2-3-day delivery at an annual flat fee of 9.99 Euros,” said Diego Piacentini, senior vice president International Retail for Amazon.com.

Amazon Prime customers can also purchase Express delivery guaranteeing an item will arrive within 1 calendar day for 3.98 euros per each purchased good.

Other features of the Amazon.it website are product ranking charts, product reviews from prior customers, and unique recommendations on certain items.

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