Tango Card Launches New, Innovative, Multi-Use Gift Card

Tango Card, the gift card company which was launched last year with a fresh approach to gift cards and prides itself on being the first consumer-friendly gift card company, recently highlighted the fact that it remains committed to providing consumers with new and innovative products and services related to gift cards, that will revolutionize the manner in which consumers buy and use gift cards in the future.

These innovations include free internet and iPhone based applications that allow consumers to organize their gift cards and check their gift card balances, and an innovative new type of gift card known as the Tango Card, which is a multi use card that gives consumers more choices and options than any other type of gift card.

David Leeds, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tango Card, issued the following statement regarding the launch of this new, innovative, multi use card: “Over the next five years, we will see major changes in how consumers buy and use gift cards. Tango Card will deliver great consumer solutions, and this starts with our anchor product, the Tango Card.”

A notable feature of this new multi use card is the fact that it allows the recipient to donate a portion or even all of the value of their gift card to any one of the eight non-profit organizations that have partnered with Tango Card. “Charity gift cards are an emerging source of revenue for these organizations, and the Tango Card offers key advantages to consumers and to non-profits,” said Leeds, commenting on this feature.

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