Student Loans - New Sponsorships For Fall 2010 Semester

Student Loans

Student Loans

A new partnership was recently announced between Classof1.com, a provider of online tutoring services, and GradeFund, a new education financing platform that allows students to finance their education through sponsorships from family, friends and corporate sponsors. This new partnership will see Classof1.com sponsor 10 students selected at random for the Fall 2010 semester, using the GradeFund sponsorship platform.

The concept for GradeFund was developed to assist students who are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain funding for a college education. Student using the GradeFund platform can earn ‘GradePoints’ through sponsorships from family, friends and corporate sponsors, and then redeem the GradePoints they earn into a college savings account or even directly to their academic institutions bursar’s account. Zach Suchin, the CEO of GradeFund was pleased with the new partnership between GradeFund and classof1.com, and said, “Classof1 is a tremendous opportunity for students to bolster their academic success outside of the classroom. Their support of GradeFund’s platform is truly appreciated.”

Datla V Reddy, General Manager at KU Education Digital also commented on the partnership: “Classof1 is extremely delighted to join forces with GradeFund to help inspire academic achievement for both high school and college students. We anticipate that students who utilize the Classof1 services will also have a higher likelihood of meeting their sponsorships. Our programs have helped thousands of students succeed in meeting their educational goals through supplemental instruction and guidance beyond their regular classroom studies.”