Hotter Shoes Amazed By Women’s Choice Of Killer Heels - Latest Info

A Hotter Shoes commissioned survey has revealed that ten percent of fashion savvy women freely admit to seeking medical help and even being put in hospital due to wearing chic but hazardous shoes.

Approximately half of the the survey’s respondents experienced twisted ankles and two thirds concede to some form of injury as a result of their footwear. The most common injuries listed were fractured ankles, twisted knees, infected blisters, bunions, and torn tendons.

The study’s purpose is to ascertain what persuades women to purchase specific shoes. It encompassed 3,000 different shoe options on the market for women.

“As a comfort shoe maker we were amazed to discover the pain and discomfort that women were prepared to endure for a pair of killer heels or an ill-fitting impulse sale bargain. We have championed the cause of comfortable shoes for over fifty years; today’s active woman needs to be able to be on her feet for work, family and her own social life, looking good and feeling fabulous,” commented Lisa McCarten, a spokesperson for of Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes.

McCarten elaborated, “Nothing can ruin a day more than sore and tired feet, every person in our design and technical team works hard to ensure that our shoes are stylish and comfortable. We craft our shoes to ensure feet are in the best possible care and we’re delighted to think that we have liberated women’s feet from the burden of tight fitting shoes that rub and hurt.”

The Hotter Comfort Concept survey was carried out by onepoll.com between Oct 29 and Nov 1. 3,000 women who say they wear high heels were polled for the survey. Hotter Shoes is the UK’s largest manufacturer of women’s shoes.

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