Free Stock Trading For Life

Stock Trading

Stock Trading

StockCross Financial Services, Inc., a multi-faceted brokerage firm which provides a comprehensive range of financial services to a large client-base across the nation, recently announced a promotional offer where they would offer free stock trading for life to anyone who opened a new Educational Account with them. The StockCross Educational Accounts for which this offer will be valid include custodial (UTMA) accounts, as well as Coverdell Educational Accounts.

StockCross, which is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, chooses to locate their offices in retail areas and also strives to involve themselves with and provide support to the communities which they serve, in order to create a more positive perception of the company within the communities in which they operate.

“The reason for the policy is simple. We want to get more involved in our local communities where our branches are located,” said Richard Gebbia, the President of StockCross Financial Services, Inc. “Beverly Hills is a city where families with parents and grandparents visit and live locally to come shop and relax. StockCross knows the growing importance of family finance today, and since our National Headquarters is located in Beverly Hills, our goal is to be accessible to families and let them know we are here to help start their children’s financial future in the right direction.”