eBay Launches “Love To Give” Campaign To Help Shoppers Find The Ideal Holiday Gifts

eBay Launches "Love To Give" Campaign To Help Shoppers Find The Ideal Holiday Gifts

eBay Launches "Love To Give" Campaign To Help Shoppers Find The Ideal Holiday Gifts

eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) is unveiling what it calls the “Love to Give” campaign to kick-start this holiday season with three new, more accessible ways for customers to locate the ideal gift for loved ones through social shopping, mobile shopping, and online shopping.

eBay has introduced a premiere, and very unique social shopping tool called eBay Group Gifts. Group Gifts amalgamates Facebook and PayPal with eBay, providing groups of friends or family members an easier purchasing experience when buying larger ticket items. More substantial gifts can be given with less cost to every individual gift giver.

eBay Mobile is quite convenient as it allows the customer to find the lowest price on any gift. Its mobile application is accessible on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and even Windows 7. The eBay marketplace will experience in excess of 13 million downloads and more than $1.5 billion sold goods this year alone.

eBay’s online shopping experience features a phenomenon billed as the “Unwrap Attack.” “Unwrap Attacks” are those instances of intense, unforgettable moments of happiness when a loved receives the gift they have always wanted.
A special online gallery is set up at lovetogive.ebay.com where people can upload their favourite “Unwrap Attack” moments for all to enjoy. Samantha Bee, the popular TV personality, will even chronicle the “Unwrap Attack” mania via the internet for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

“eBay is where and how to find the gifts you’ll love to give this holiday,” said Christopher Payne, head of eBay North America. “It’s easier than ever on eBay to shop our more than 200 million products, have what you want shipped free from a trusted seller – and know when it will arrive – and be confident that if something goes wrong, eBay has you covered.”

“With a better online experience, eBay also is driving innovation in mobile and social shopping,” added Payne. “eBay mobile helps you shop on the go—anywhere, anytime—and more than 13 million shoppers have discovered the convenience of eBay mobile. You can easily make product and price comparisons when you’re in a store, and know that you’ve always found the best deal on the right gifts. And with our new group gifts social shopping innovation, you can give that perfect gift together with family and friends. Across social, mobile and online, eBay is the way to shop this holiday season.”

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