Unemployment Extension - New Poll Predicts Republicans To Do Well In Mid-Terms

Unemployment Extension

Unemployment Extension

99ers and other advocates for the creation of a new Tier 5 to the existing federal unemployment benefits structure have cause for concern following the release of the results of a recent Gallup Poll, which indicated that far more Republicans were interested in the mid-term elections and were likely to vote in these elections than their Democratic and independent counterparts. Most political analysts agree that if either or both houses are controlled by the Republicans following the elections, the chances of a new Tier 5 to the existing federal unemployment benefits structure being created will become extremely slim. The Republicans have clearly stated their objections to proposals involving further extensions to unemployment insurance packages, with Congressman John Boehner (R Ohio), the House Minority Leader, recently criticizing the Democrats for excessive spending on unemployment insurance.

The polls conducted by Gallup indicate that around 54% of Republicans are expected to cast their votes on Election Day, whilst only around 30% of Democrats and 32% of the independents will be joining them at the voting booths. Interestingly, another poll, also conducted by Gallup, revealed that the state of the economy and the high levels of unemployment were considered to be the most pressing issues facing America, and also that most Americans seemed to think that the Republicans would handle the situation better than the Democrats would.