Small Loans - MoneyNow USA Celebrates Fifth Anniversary Of Providing Small-Sum Loans

MoneyNow USA, a consumer loan website will very shortly celebrate its 5th anniversary online. It is owned by Blue Global Media, a performance marketing company specializing in customer acquisition and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Created in 2006, MoneyNow USA provides clientele with small sum loans to alleviate urgent financial crisis. The service intends to aid people with poor credit with short term loans when emergencies strike. Established in 2006, MoneyNow USA offers consumers small-dollar loans as a means of temporary financial assistance.

According to Blue Global, LLC CEO/CMO Chris Kay, “MoneyNow USA fills an important role in providing consumers with small-dollar loans. The years of success MoneyNowUSA.com has accumulated reflects the longstanding integrity of our website and the demand for such loan products in today’s economy.”

Ever since the creation of MoneyNowUSA.com, the short term loan market has seen ongoing changes. Congress passed the Consumer Financial Protection Act in 2010 in order to foster more economic security for the public at large. Through all the industry changes the last five years, MoneyNow USA has overall met the wants and needs small sum borrowers.

Just in the last year, Blue Global Media has enlarged its affiliate marketing network which main focus is on financial services. The firm recently hired Cort Bucher as their new COO and Tony Pagliocco as the new Chief Technology officer. Company revenue projections are in the neighborhood of $13 million in 2010.