Tax Liens - Latest State Tax Liens Published Online

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue recently announced its updated monthly list of tax liens outlining almost 50,000 state liens totaling over $344 million in unpaid taxes.

The updated list shows an extra 3,136 liens issued in November totaling about $18.2 million in unpaid taxes. The month of November saw 562 liens taken off the list as $1.7 million in unpaid taxes was recovered. Going back to August, it is reported 2,404 liens representing $12 million was recovered.

By publishing the list to the public, tax avoiders are more apt to come clean and pay up on their late tax bills. Roughly 50% of U.S. states publish these lists online to help in the collection of unpaid tax.

The liens are made public in the prothonotary’s office where the delinquent either lives or does business. The listed amount could be different than what is actually owed due to partial payments or it could be more due to compounded interest on the bill.

Any person who appears on the tax delinquent list is advised to contact the Revenue Department to settle their tax issues. The Revenue Department’s number is 717-783-3000.

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