Mortgage Help - Proven Strategies For Handling Underwater Mortgages Revealed

Mortgage Help

Mortgage Help

Real estate professionals Bud and Kristin Gragg have recently released a new e-book and set up a new website, through which they plan on sharing their extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with underwater mortgages and other real estate issues with homeowners facing similar problems, at a fraction of the cost of other providers offering similar information and services. “There are other services out there, charging already strapped homeowners hundreds - even thousands - of dollars. We want to offer that same information and service at little to no cost. Underwater homeowners have enough trouble as it is. They shouldn’t get bilked for even more money,” said Bud Gragg.

The couple, who have been long time real estate dealers, were severely affected by the recent troubles in the housing market. Explaining the reasons behind their new project, Bud said, “At one point we had $24 million in real estate holdings, and when the market dropped off a cliff, we had 12 rental properties and a development project underwater,” and added that they found themselves millions of dollars in debt, but managed to face the challenges of the situation in which they found themselves using a variety of strategies and tactics, which they’ve decided to share with others facing similar problems. “Readers will get the inside scoop on the mortgage and real estate industry, including what to expect and when - and how to emerge in the best possible position to build a better future,” added Bud.