Merger and Acquisition Advisors - New Practical Advice Website Launched

Allegiance Capital Corporation recently announced the launch of its new blog, “Capital Ideas,” through which it aims to offer mergers and acquisitions (M&A) tips and suggestions to business owners, as well as entrepreneurs, who wish to sell a company, acquire a company or to recapitalize. Commenting on this new M&A blog, David Mahmood, the Chairman of Allegiance Capital Corporation, issued the following statement: “Our Capital Ideas blog will be a robust combination of practical M&A advice, and ‘war stories’ about entrepreneurs who have had amazing successes and colossal failures. No one will be bored reading it.”

Mahmood is an expert on the subject of mergers and acquisitions, having established eight companies, and advised several leading privately held companies on financial strategies for mergers and acquisition for over a quarter of a century. As a company, Allegiance Capital Corporation is also well placed to offer advice on mergers and acquisitions, having advised numerous leading companies and firms across the world on matters pertaining to almost every aspect of mergers and acquisitions, such as financial restructuring, debt restructuring, strategic partnering, mezzanine financing, executing leveraged buyouts, as well as distressed mergers and acquisitions.

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