Maldives Resorts - Universal Resorts Launches New Offerings

Universal Resorts recently announced a re-branding of ‘The Spa’ experience at their three resorts in the Maldives. The major feature of the re-branding exercise is that local ingredients will be employed in their new treatment offerings.

New menu options at The Spa will include local remedies, special treatments and cleansing practices using products manufactured by communities within the Maldives aided with the support of Universal Resorts Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes.

Each of the three resorts will offer a specific ingredient home to the Islands. Products include coconut oil, coconut nectar, and ghandakholi leaf.

The Spa at Kurumba boasts eight treatment rooms, a yoga studio, a hydrotherapy pool and an aroma steam room. The Signature experience at Kurumba will concentrate on virgin coconut oil, coconut aroma massage, and coco smoothies.

The Spa at Baros’ speciality will be showcasing the rich coconut nectar in nectar scrubs, nectar wraps, and even a nectar tonic drink. Baros also offers four treatment rooms having dual treatment beds so couples can get treated together.

Velassaru sports ten treatment rooms, a pool and yoga facilities all overlooking a beautiful lagoon. The Velassaru’s claim to fame is the ghandakholi leaf which contains aloe vera and other skin friendly oils. Patrons can readily enjoy ghandakholi wraps, and an energy-giving drink made of the leaf, aloe vera, and coconut all mixed into a toddy drink.

Universal Resorts promises unequalled rejuvenation as a result of ancient local products and relaxation rituals from the beautiful culture of the Maldives.

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