Teacher Recruitment Service - The International Educator Society Officially Launches

The International Educator Society (TIES) was recently launched by Dr. Barry McCombs, a former executive member of the Tri-Association. The Tri-Association consists of American schools of Central America, Columbia-Caribbean and Mexico. The new society’s purpose is to match qualified American educators with international private institutions looking to hire English-speaking teachers.

Teacher applicants will build their own online resume or profile so those schools interested in hiring can review and contact the candidates they feel will be the best match.

“We have a unique capability to match a teaching candidate to an appropriate and compatible school,” said Dr. Barry McCombs, Founder and President, TIES. “We carefully consider candidates’ preferences, teaching styles and experience in tandem with school and student needs to ensure the best fit for all involved. We work closely with premier institutions to provide a successful placement for the teachers, students and school.”

In addition to teacher placement, TIES is working with many aid programs within Central and South America including the Children of Haiti Project. This project is focused towards children in abject poverty having access to a solid education.

TIES, through its wide network enables English education to be accessible to the developing international community.