Foreclosure Mediation Programs - Biden Announces New Efforts To Help Homeowners Stave Off Foreclosures

Vice President Biden announced several initiatives to shore up foreclosure mediation programs, which are initiatives that try to find ways homeowners can stave off foreclosure of their homes.

One initiative from the DOJ is called Access to Justice which just released a report outlining the most effective ways to have a successful mediation. Mentioned in the report is how imperative it is to have highly skilled housing counsellors and access to pro bono legal advice when going through mediation. Also listed is the more successful mediation programs that are willing to share their processes with other people in similar situations.

Additionally, HUD announced a new training webinar that will highlight strategies and resources for avoiding foreclosure. The training, which is aimed at a wide variety of audiences including homeowners, housing counsellors, pro bono attorneys and mediators, will include topics such as accessing housing counseling resources, finding state-specific foreclosure prevention resources, avoiding foreclosure rescue scams, and understanding Federal foreclosure prevention programs.

HUD also provided guidance on the use of Community Development Block Grant and Neighborhood Stabilization Funds for housing counselling, a resource that can increase the effectiveness of foreclosure mediation programs.

NeighborWorks, a nation wide non-profit funded by Congressional monies, will begin a foreclosure workshop at its training institute in December, 2010. More than 2,000 counselors are expected to attend.