Initial Public Offering - New Service Helps Monitor IPO News

Triad Securities Corp. recently announced a new feature and add-on for their New Issue Service. All clients of Triad, by way of the IPO dashboard, and the public at large, by viewing Triad’s internet website, can now avail themselves of the most current New Issue news from a variety of media conduits.

Unique to triad’s online website, all New Issue news are individually picked to find timely and information articles. In place of endless internet surfing for relevant content, the new Triad service does this for its users by reviewing a myriad of online media content and selecting only the most important and useful news under one centralized platform.

The New Issue Service is used by more than 300 institutional investing entities with upwards of $200 billion of assets under management. The New Issue Service will provide Triad customers with an upfront seat to witness how initial public offerings, convertibles and preferreds are influenced by factors both in markets at home and internationally, as well as give first day premium consensus calls on all transaction negotiations on the market.

The New Issue Service is accessible through Triad’s online website and by e-mail.

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