Weight Loss - New Discovery Links Genes With Body Fat

Weight Loss - New Discovery Links Genes With Body Fat

Weight Loss - New Discovery Links Genes With Body Fat

The Nature Genetics journal recently published that researchers from the Department of Twin Research at King’s College have discovered 30 new genes that determine the age of sexual maturation in women.

This extensive study encompassing in excess of 100,000 women from Europe, the U.S., and Australia spotlight a number of particular genetic links between the early stages of puberty and body fat. These genes have an effect on weight regulation and metabolism.

Normal ages for the onset of puberty in women are between 11 and 14 years of age. Researchers have discovered that when a girl hits a certain weight of approximately 45 kg, the puberty switch is turned on. It seems the more weight a child carries the earlier puberty begins, increasing the risk of disease later in life.

Other findings report that the beginning of puberty is determined by a wide range of biological formations. Some of these formations include hormone regulation, cell development, and other factors connected to the first menstrual cycles.

Massimo Mangino, author from the Twin Research Department at King’s, said: “It is fascinating how common genetic variants influence both early puberty and weight gain. The findings give us clues on how intricately linked are different biological processes.”

Professor Tim Spector, Director of Twins UK cohort added, ‘This study shows the power of large genetic collaborations allowing us great insights into how puberty is triggered by precise amounts of body fat. Twin pairs are very similar for both puberty and body fat.”

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