Toyota Recall - New Official Information On Toyota Matrix and Toyota Corolla Recall Released

Toyota Recall

Toyota Recall

Toyota recently announced the latest recall of their cars, which involves the Matrix and Corolla models built between 2005 and 2008. Toyota, the world’s largest automobile manufacturer, has been plagued with several issues involving unreliable components recently, which have had to be rectified through major recalls that have seriously tarnished its image as the manufacturers of some of the most reliable cars built today.

This latest recall involves an estimated 1.13 million cars, due to a problem associated with their Engine Control Modules (ECMs). The problem is said to affect only 2005-2008 models of the Matrix and the Corolla which are fitted with the 1.8litre, 4-cylinder 1ZZ-FE engine, due to a failure in some of the solder points in the engines ECM.

Three accidents have been attributed to this particular fault, but Toyota have pointed out that investigations into the accidents were not able to conclusively determine that the accidents were indeed caused by ECM malfunctions. The problems reported to be caused by the ECM malfunction include the ‘check engine’ warning to be displayed continuously, roughness during gear changes and in some rare cases, the engine stalling completely.

Recall notices are expected to be sent out to owners shortly, and the ECM will be replaced free of charge by Toyota dealers.