State Tax Liens - Latest Official List of Tax Liens Released Online

The online list of Pennsylvania state tax liens was brought up to date today by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. The latest update shows 47,000 liens against both individuals and businesses that combined owe the state roughly 328 million in taxes.

This newly updated list added more than 4,000 new liens, worth more than $70 million in unpaid taxes. Conversely, more than 500 old liens worth more than $2 million were removed from the previous list as the liens have been satisfied.

The list started back in August and since that time 1,842 liens were taken off the list. The total dollar amount of liens taken off the list was $10.3 million.

The list encompasses all liens in arrears between July 1, 2009 and Nov. 1, 2010. By naming tax evaders in a public manner, successful collection of unpaid taxes has risen.

Information on the website is public as a result of liens filed by the Revenue Department. Each lien is recorded in the prothonotary’s office of the county where the person lives or does business. The amounts listed on the website might differ from the original dollar figure. This is so because many times partial payments are made leaving the original amount less.

Any person named on the list should call the Revenue Department at 717-783-3000 to discuss terms of payment.