Revl Carbon Road Bicycle Brake Recall - Latest Info From The Hive

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Perigeum Development Inc., dba The Hive, recently announced the voluntary recall of the Revl carbon road bicycle brake system due to a problem associated with the potential failure of a crucial component, which could lead to brake failure. This recall is understood to affect around 500 of these brake sets, which were distributed through specialty bicycle stores across the United States between September 2009 and August 2010, priced at around $390.

This recall was announced following the discovery that the cable clamping area of this bicycle brake system was prone to cracking and could potentially fail, which would in turn lead to brake failure, significantly increasing the risk of the bicycle becoming involved in a crash. The Revl carbon road bicycle brake systems affected by this recall are black in color, prominently display the Revl logo, and will have one of the following date codes (which may be found on the underside of the carbon brake arms) 41B, 44B, 45B, 53B, 13C and 16C.

Consumers in possession of bicycle brake systems affected by this recall are requested to discontinue use of this product and to contact The Hive at (800) 801-9936 in order to arrange for the delivery of replacement parts. Alternatively, owners may contact their retailers directly, and have them perform the necessary repairs. All repairs and/or replacement parts required to rectify this fault will be provided free of charge.

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