Resveratrol Supplements - GNC Launches New Longevity Factors Line Of Products

GNC is launching a new line directed to consumers interested in actively influencing their own aging process. The new line is called GNC Longevity Factors and showcases a lab tested ingredient that helps the body absorb an important antioxidant needed for maintaining healthy cells throughout a lifetime.

Containing resveratrol and other polyphenols, these work together to help support the healthy functioning of the heart, eyes, brain, and improve strength, memory and agility.

“We created the GNC Longevity Factors line specifically to empower adults – including baby boomers — to proactively take control of their health as they age and, ultimately, help them feel as young as they envision themselves,” said Beth Kaplan, President and Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer, GNC. “This is a unique line of seven nutritional supplements that support very specific aspects of aging. These breakthrough formulas are based on the most recent advances in the science of healthy aging.”

GNC partnered with Dr. Joseph Maroon to develop this new product line. Dr. Maroon is a peer recognized neurosurgeon, nutrition analyst, and bestselling author. Recently, Dr. Maroon finished his 3rd Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii beating his previous mark by over 20 minutes. At age 70, he credits his stamina to intense exercise coupled with nutritional supplements.

“The GNC Longevity Factors line enables individuals to take the proactive steps necessary to affect positive change in their bodies,” said Dr. Joseph Maroon. “Specifically, many of the products can positively activate genes, located in every cell of our body, to support overall health. The line is a wonderful tool in helping us age well and live healthier lives.”

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