Online Property Insurance - comScore Publishes New 2010 Market Report

comScore, Inc., one of the leading sources of digital marketing intelligence, recently released their 2010 Online Property Insurance Report, which is a comprehensive overview of the online property insurance market. This report covers various aspects of the online property insurance market, such as the latest trends in the industry, profiles of people who purchase property insurance online, as well as factors that affect the decision making process of such people.

Although the online property insurance market is yet to establish itself in the same way that the online auto insurance market has done in the past few years, the industry definitely has great potential for growth. Susan Kleinman, a Director at comScore, issued the following statement regarding the online property insurance market and its potential: “While online property insurance is still in its infancy, insurers can look to the online auto insurance industry as a model for how to achieve growth within the digital channel. With consumers already very accustomed to submitting quotes and purchasing auto insurance online, the foundation is in place for them to use the Internet to obtain quotes and to purchase homeowners and renters insurance.”

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