Mini Tillers Recall - Latest Info

Mini Tillers Recall - Latest Info

Mini Tillers Recall - Latest Info

The American Honda Motor Co., based in Torrance, California, in conjunction with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall of approximately 6,150 Mini Tillers due to faulty rubber grommets in the engine’s fuel tank that may fracture, leading to risk of fire.

The recalled brands are the Honda Mini Tiller - model number FG110, serial numbers GCALT 1696948 to 1700567, and the Mantis Mini Tiller - model numbers 7262 and 7270, serial numbers GCART - 1165215 to 1171495. The serial numbers are located near the fuel tank cap on the engine. Both products have Honda GX25 mini 4- stroke engines.

Purchasers of these products should not use these tillers in any capacity and directly contact their local Honda Power Equipment dealer, or Honda Engine dealer for the Mantis tillers, to set up a convenient time to have the fuel tank assemblies substituted at no cost.

The recalled Mini Tillers were sold between March and September 2010 at Honda Power Equipment dealers, The Home Depot, outdoor power equipment dealers, rental dealers, retailers, mail order and catalog houses throughout the US.

The engines were fabricated in Thailand and put together in the US employing both domestic and internationally sourced material.

There are no reported injuries linked to the defective grommets.

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