LASIK Eye Surgery Offered Free By Compassionate Eye Surgeon

You can get free LASIK eye surgery, but first you have to be a Major League Baseball umpire or referee.

And even then, you have make a bad call during a crucial game to qualify for this special offer from Dr. Dean Dornic.

Dr. Dornic, medical director of the Laser Eye Center of Carolina, is making the offer to this select group of officials in the wake of the public outcry surrounding the bungled call that cost Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarrago a perfect game.

After that incident happened, calls from hostile fans flooded radio sport call in shows, blogs attacked the major league veteran and the umpire pleaded to stop the verbal attacks and threats directed against his wife and children. Several Facebook pages sprung up demanding his ouster including one; “Fire Jim Joyce” with over 5000 fans.

Dr. Dornic wants to minimize the chances of such mistakes happening again in the future, and said, “Major league umpires and referees have devoted much of their life to their profession and can’t be expected to just discard their dreams because of an error.”

Dr. Dornic performs LASIK, cataract surgery and other vision correction procedures in Cary, NC. He believes that these professionals, who largely go unnoticed until a negative event like Joyce’s blown call occur, deserve a chance at rehabilitation.

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