High Blood Pressure - New Combination Treatment Drug Tekamlo Approved By FDA

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

A new drug known as Tekamlo that was developed by Novartis to be used in the treatment of high blood pressure was recently granted approval by the US and Drug Administration (FDA). Novartis developed Tekamlo as a single-pill combination of aliskiren and amlodipine to treat high blood pressure to address the needs of patients who need multiple medications to help control their high blood pressure. Reports indicate that up to 85 percent of patients suffering from high blood pressure require combination treatments to control their blood pressure effectively.

David Epstein, Division Head of Novartis Pharmaceuticals was pleased by the approval granted by the FDA and said, “We welcome the FDA’s decision to approve Tekamlo, as the treatment of high blood pressure remains a challenge for many patients, requiring multiple medications to control their condition. This approval reinforces Novartis’ commitment to cardiovascular research and to developing innovative and effective treatments for patients who have not reached their blood pressure goal.”

Medical experts have also been impressed with the results shown by Tekamlo in effectively controlling blood pressure. Dr. Alan H. Gradman, M.D., Professor of Medicine at Temple University School of Medicine commented on the ease of use and the effectiveness of the newly approved drug: “Single-pill combination therapies provide a convenient treatment option while supporting physicians in addressing the complex needs of patients. This new single-pill combination demonstrated greater blood pressure reductions than either drug alone in clinical studies and therefore provides a new option to consider when choosing appropriate high blood pressure therapies.”

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