GMAC Mortgage Reviews Foreclosure Processing - Lastest Info

GMAC Mortgage recently announced that it had engaged the services of several leading legal and accounting firms in order to have its foreclosure processes and procedures reviewed and assessed for conformity with all laws and requirements in each and every US state in which it operates.

GMAC Mortgage is understood to have made this decision in order to preserve the integrity of the foreclosure process and to thereby restore their customers’ confidence in the foreclosure process. This decision was announced after an issue concerning the procedures adopted by the company with regards to the signing of a certain affidavit (which is required as a part of the foreclosure process) came to light. GMAC Mortgage is currently working to resolve this issue.

In addition to this review of their foreclosure processes, GMAC Mortgage has also set up a specialized team that will re-examine each and every one of its foreclosure sale files, in order to ascertain that the home preservation procedures were followed, that the timing and substance of the foreclosure was appropriate, and that all laws and requirements of the state of jurisdiction were complied with in each of these cases. In the event of any irregularities in the foreclosure process or documentation being found, GMAC Mortgage will ensure that these issues are rectified. These teams have so far failed to identify any serious irregularities in the process or documentation in completed foreclosures.

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