Weight Loss Programs - Nutrisystem Tops Diet Plan Review List

Nutrisystem, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTRI), the number one home delivery weight loss program, scored top reviews from CBS MoneyWatch in a Diet Plan Review: Best Ways to Lose 20 Pounds by topping its list for the least expensive meal delivery weight loss program. Nutrisystem beat all five of the biggest diet plans, offering food delivery, that were reviewed.

To develop the story, CBS MoneyWatch did a comprehensive analysis of eight of the biggest diet plans by poring over clinical studies, tallying membership fees and food costs and interviewing leading nutritionists and weight-loss professionals. As cited in the article, the Nutrisystem® program… “emphasizes foods with a low glycemic index. The underlying premise is that controlling blood sugar levels leads to weight loss.” Responding in the article to the question “Does it Work?”, CBS MoneyWatch stated that “There’s plenty of research showing that following a diet of 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day, such as Nutrisystem, can cause weight loss. For example, a study by the Obesity Research Center at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York found postmenopausal women who followed a 1,200 calorie diet plan for 16 weeks lost an average of 21 pounds.”

“Nutrisystem thanks the millions of consumers who have made us the number one home delivery weight loss program. At Nutrisystem we pride ourselves on great tasting foods that will satisfy dieters’ cravings, along with optimal nutrition and value,” said Joe Redling, Chairman and CEO of Nutrisystem, Inc. “Our customers lose weight while enjoying ice cream delivered right to their door at an unbeatable price.”

Costing about $9.00 per day, or $259.99 for a 28 day auto-delivery program, the revamped Nutrisystem® Select® program now offers a mix of 10 days of fresh frozen foods and 18 days of ready-to-go nutritionally balanced meals, plus free shipping and a gourmet money back guarantee. Nutrisystem also offers free nutritional and weight loss counseling around the clock, as well as free online membership and weight loss tools.

The Nutrisystem Select Plan, available only in the Continental U.S., can be purchased by calling the Nutrisystem hotline 1-800-891-3215 or logging onto www.nutrisystem.com.

About Nutrisystem, Inc.

Nutrisystem, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTRI) is the number one home delivery weight loss company. Nutrisystem is sold direct to the consumer through nutrisystem.com, by phone, and at select retailers, with convenient home delivery. The Company offers proven nutritionally balanced weight loss programs designed for women, men, and seniors, as well as the Nutrisystem® D™ program, specifically designed to help people with type 2 diabetes who want to lose weight and manage their diabetes. The Nutrisystem programs are based on more than 35 years of nutrition research and the science of the low glycemic index, and offer a variety of great tasting, satisfying high-fiber, good carbohydrate meals that are heart healthy. Nutrisystem was named the “Least Expensive Home Delivery Program” by CBS Money Watch in January 2011. The program has no membership fees and provides 24/7 weight management support and counseling by trained weight loss coaches and online weight management tools free of charge. Nutrisystem proudly supports the American Diabetes Association in its movement to Stop Diabetes™ and WomenHeart, The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease, in its mission to bring about a greater awareness of the link between heart disease and obesity.

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