Stock Market - Strong Positive Future Returns For Long-Term Investors Predicted

Don Hays of Hays Advisory, a Brentwood TN-based investment firm, suggests that the stock market is shaping up to mimic the rhyme of the mid-1990s.

According to Don Hays, founder of Hays Advisory, “These are unique times in American history…but really, aren’t they all?” Looking to the past, he currently sees a strikingly familiar market shaping up following the recent mid-term elections, similar to the stock market that we saw following the mid-term election in 1994, which led Bill Clinton to take on a more moderate approach to his future policies.

Furthermore, in a recent video update, Don highlights that the market broke out following the recent mid-term election with a significant rally, and is now experiencing a pause similar to the one that took place in the market in mid-1995. However, this lesson from the past isn’t the only variable supporting Don’s thesis.

Hays Advisory’s Asset Allocation Model is also suggesting that the market currently has significant long-term upside potential. According to the monetary liquidity in the market, along with the extremely undervalued position of stocks, Don sees strong positive future returns for long-term investors. However, there is one fly in the ointment at this time: investor psychology. Before resuming its upward move, Don would like to see a “pause-to-refresh” in the market to let out a little of the steam built up by the recent rally.

Yet, while many are currently questioning the potential for the stock market following its quick rise off the bottom in March 2009, Don remains strong in his position as his indicators align on the bullish side. Overall he concludes, “This is still a very powerful bull market.”

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