Diabetes Treatment - New Treatment Shows Significant Advantages

TransPharma Medical Ltd recently announced the successful completion of a Phase 1a trial of a drug product being developed for the treatment of diabetes mellitus type II. This new treatment utilizes TransPharma’s proprietary active transdermal drug delivery technology to deliver the GLP1 agonist drug, which regulates glucose metabolism and insulin secretion, into the bloodstream of patients.

This Phase 1 study of this developmental drug product, which is known as ViaDerm-GLP1 agonist, was carried out on healthy volunteers, and aimed to evaluate the pharmacokinetic (PK) profile of the drug product, and assess the safety and tolerability of two doses of ViaDerm-GLP1 agonist, when compared to a subcutaneous injection of Exenatide (Byetta), a different form of the GLP1 agonist drug, which is widely used in the treatment of type II diabetes.

The results of this Phase 1 study indicated that ViaDerm-GLP1 agonist was safe and well-tolerated, and that it had a better extended PK profile than the extended PK profile of a subcutaneous injection of Exenatide (Byetta). It was observed that the use of ViaDerm-GLP1 agonist resulted in therapeutic GLP1 blood levels being recorded for approximately 13 hours, compared to 6 hours of therapeutic GLP1 blood levels being recorded following a subcutaneous injection of Exenatide (Byetta).

“We are very pleased with the results of this study, which demonstrate significant advantages of our ViaDerm-GLP1 agonist over the injectable marketed product,” said Dr. Daphna Heffetz, the CEO of TransPharma Medical. “We have clearly demonstrated a preferable extended drug PK profile when the molecule is administered utilizing our ViaDerm system. The extended profile may allow for once daily painless transdermal administration in comparison to the current two daily injections treatment. We are looking forward to the results of the Phase 1b testing.”

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