Buy A Skoda And Get One Year’s Free Insurance

With car insurance costs on the rise, Škoda Australia is combating the problem for customers with a special offer.

Škoda is giving away one year’s free insurance on every new vehicle sold for a limited time between now and 28 February 2011.

“We knew that rising insurance costs were becoming an issue for car buyers across the board, so we simply removed the problem,” said Matthew Wiesner, Head of Škoda Australia.

The Škoda range has been steadily gaining traction in Australia since its arrival in 2007. In Europe, Škoda continually wins top industry awards, as well as customer satisfaction surveys and manufacturer nods.

In Australia, the Škoda Superb Wagon 125TDI Ambition has just won “Best Large Car under $60,000″ in the 2010 Australia’s Best Cars awards.

Now is the time to pick up an award winning Škoda and also beat the rising  insurance prices by not paying any at all for the next year.

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Laurin and Klement, the two Czech designers who began the Škoda journey way back in 1895, would be very proud of Škoda today. As one of the fastest growing car companies in Europe, Škoda has built a reputation for quality design, reliability and safety.

People are at the heart of everything Škoda does, and for the past 13 years, Škoda has made the top 5 every year in the JD Power Customer Satisfaction survey. Last year, it reached second place, second only to Lexus. Explaining why 98% of our UK customers are more than happy to recommend Škoda to a friend, and why the UK is calling Škoda their Manufacturer of Happy Drivers.


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For more information about new cars by Skoda or to contact your nearest Skoda car dealer take a look at the Skoda website. Skoda is very proud of their safe, quality cars and continues to win awards for the Skoda Superb Wagon, a great family car.

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