Auto Insurance - Mercury Insurance Announces New Reduced Rates And Discounts

Mercury Insurance, a top rated California automobile insurer, recently announced a planned $72 million premium lowering that could see at least 10% of California drivers qualify. Along with this price slash is other programs such as an announced group discount plan for university alumni and the addition of a 24-hour Roadside Assistance initiative for individuals with comprehensive and collision insurance.

“Mercury’s already low rates are now even lower, and we’ve added some great benefits to bring even more value to our California customers,” said Mercury Chief Product Officer Robert Houlihan. “We’ve always been known for providing our customers with the best insurance value possible through a combination of low rates, quality coverage and personalized service. These savings will help families stretch their hard earned dollars as the nation’s economy moves toward recovery.”

Mercury Insurance at present boasts close to 2 million automobiles under coverage. The new rates become effective December 15 of this year and it is expected that the average savings California drivers will enjoy is $36 per auto for a total of $72 million.

“If you are a member of any university alumni association you can save even more,” noted Houlihan. To receive the discount, which is easily secured, requires that policyholders notify their agents that they are members of a college or university alumni association.

Mercury Insurance has a variety of insurance products which are primarily focused in the auto and homeowner insurance industry. Their network encompasses California, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, New York, Georgia, Oklahoma, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

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