Auto Insurance - Amounts Of Auto Insurance Premiums Associated With Gender

An analysis of premiums from four California insurers by OnlineAutoInsurance.com shows males’ annual premiums were an average of $630 more than females’ annual premiums.

Last week, OnlineAutoInsurance.com released a premium analysis comparing prices for the same 12-month California car insurance policy across different providers and age brackets. This week, they take it a step further to quantify how prices vary based on the sex of the driver. The analysis shows that, at least in California, women tended to have greater access to cheap auto insurance prices than men.

The site ran the numbers for the same 15/30/10 liability policy with comprehensive and collision coverage for a 2009 Toyota Corolla LE for both men and women in nine different age brackets to find how much rates vary based on sex. The same four insurers were used for both sexes, and all driver profiles had records that were free of accidents and traffic violations. The results showed that:

  • Average policy prices for males were between $66 and $1,480 higher than the average prices for females.
  • The average premium difference between men and women across all age brackets was about $630. The average policy price for a male was 20 percent higher than the average price for a female.
  • The gender pricing-gap was most pronounced for 18-year-olds, when the average premium for a male was about 30 percent higher than the average for a female. It was least pronounced for the 35-year-old bracket, in which the average for a male was only 3.7 percent higher than the average for a female.

While sex may seem like an arbitrary rating factor, statistics show that males — particularly younger ones — tend to display riskier driving habits. According to 2008 data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, the accident-involvement rate for men was 37 percent higher than the accident-involvement rate for women that year. What’s more is that the involvement rate for fatal crashes for men was 196 percent higher than the involvement rate for women.

It should be noted, though, that insurance premiums in certain parts of the country will not change at all due to the insured driver’s sex. At least five states — Montana, Michigan, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Pennsylvania — bar car insurers from setting different rates for men and women.

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