Unemployment Extension - Another 26,000 Jobs Under Threat In Illinois

Unemployment Extension

Unemployment Extension

Up to 26,000 workers in Illinois could find themselves unemployed at the end of this month if the Senate fails to extend a federal funding package that enabled the State of Illinois to establish a program known as “Put Illinois to Work,” through which public and private sector jobs for unemployed parents and youth were subsidized. Put Illinois to Work is currently the largest year-round subsidized employment program in the US, and primarily subsidizes private sector jobs for low-income families.

Caronina Grimble, Senior Project Manager from the Illinois Department of Human Services, commented on the success of the Put Illinois to Work program: “The program has exceeded all our expectations. Our worker-trainees are thrilled to be earning a paycheck that allows them to meet their basic needs and learn new skills. Our employers are grateful for the opportunity to expand their workforce during a time of economic uncertainty.”

The Put Illinois to Work program was set up by the State of Illinois using funds obtained from the TANF Emergency Fund, created by President Obama and Congress as a part of last year’s Recovery Act. The TANF Emergency Fund is scheduled to expire on September 30, unless an extension is granted by Congress. If the Senate fails to grant an extension to the TANF Emergency Fund, the State of Illinois will no longer be able to subsidize the 26,000 jobs created under the Put Illinois to Work program, which will make many of these jobs nonviable.