Online Rolex Watch Retailer – Melrose Jewelers Announces No. 1 Ranking In France

Melrose Jewelers, America’s top online Rolex retailer, recently announced that it has achieved the number one position in France as well. During the second and third quarter of 2010, the online retailer enjoyed a revenue increase of 70 percent compared to the same quarters of 2009.

Vanessa Puzio of Melrose Jewelers states, “The French have an affinity for luxury goods, including Rolex watches. During the end of Q3 through Q4, our Datejust, Submariner and President sales have increased dramatically leading to our largest increase in revenues at MelroseJewelers.com this year. We’ve had exceptional Christmas sales in Paris thus far and are looking forward to the remainder of this season.”

A few of the Rolex models tailored for France’s jewelry market include the Men’s Silver Dial Channel Set Bezel Rolex Day Date Super President (128), the Men’s Diamond Lugs Champagne Dial Rolex Day Date President (120), the Men’s Blue Dial Smooth Bezel Rolex Datejust President (976) the Ladies Diamond Lugs Mother of Pearl Dial Rolex President (400), and the Ladies Stainless Steel Silver Dial Channel Set Bezel Rolex Datejust (611).

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