Loans4Love – New Home Loan Program Revealed

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Home Loans

A revolutionary new home loan program designed to improve corporate and consumer responsibility has been created by a group of FDIC banks together with Loans4Love. It is also hoped that the new program grows to be one of the largest funders of local schools, non-profits organizations, and public safety agencies, allowing people to support causes and make a difference without having to write a donation check.

David Ludington, Loans4Love Founder, President and CEO explained the concept of this new program: “Our mission is to empower people with a unique and very easy way to have a direct, positive impact in their community. And, at the same time, our approach to lending is designed to maintain the highest ethical standards in the industry. We also know that buying a home can be overwhelming. With the lending consortium’s expertise in home purchasing and refinancing, as well as an unmatched reputation for service and competitive rates, Loans4Love ensures not only the best financing to fit each personal situation, but an opportunity to help rebuild the community in which people live and call home.”

The Loans4Love home loan program centers on giving borrowers an option to channel up to 25 percent of each loan’s 1 percent origination fee to a non-profit or other local organization of their choice, when they take out a new home loan, or refinance an existing loan, through this program. The program also incorporates an innovative new process known as Leads 2.0, which is able to ascertain the best mortgage financing option, with the best rates, at the best price for each individual client.