Boeing (NYSE:BA) Revises Delivery Date Of New 787 Dreamliner

Boeing (NYSE:BA)

Boeing (NYSE:BA)

Boeing (NYSE:BA) recently announced that the delivery dates of the first 787 aircraft will again be rescheduled slightly, due to delays in the availability of the aircrafts’ Rolls Royce engines, with the new date set to fall somewhere in the middle of the first quarter of next year. This is the second revision of the delivery date for the first 787 aircraft, with the earlier revision being attributed to problems with the horizontal stabilizer and the instrumentation of the aircraft.

Boeing (NYSE:BA) also released a statement regarding the revision of the delivery date for the first 787 aircraft, confirming that flight testing across the test fleet is continuing according to schedule, and that the revision of the delivery date will not affect the company’s financial guidance.

In other 787 news, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently granted provisional approval for 2 types of flight training devices for the new 787 aircraft, which are both manufactured by Thales. Following the approval, Boeing Training & Flight Services announced that they had commenced flight certification training for the new 787 aircraft using the 2 new types of 787 flight training devices, a flat panel training device and a full-flight simulator.

Sherry Carbary, Vice President, Flight Services, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, released the following statement following the FAA approval of the 787 flight training devices: “The innovations of the 787 have inspired us to develop the most effective training curriculum based on our customers’ training needs matched with efficient delivery and modern simulation tools. With the FAA’s approval on our flight training devices, we are embarking on an exciting journey toward delivering qualified and competent crews.”

Boeing (NYSE:BA) also announced that the provisional designation of the approval granted to the new 787 flight training devices will be removed once the airplane is fully certified.