Labor Demand – Hiring Demand For Software Engineers Remaining Strong Says Report

More than 28,000 new jobs were advertised online for Computer Application Software Engineers during September and, with a 23% year-over-year growth in hiring demand, Recruiters find these openings increasingly hard-to-fill, according to WANTED Analytics™. During September, Recruiters placed more than 28,000 new online job ads for Computer Application Software Engineers, according to WANTED Analytics™(http://www.wantedanalytics.com), the leading source of real-time business intelligence for the talent marketplace. Hiring demand has been strong in 2011, up 23% compared to one year ago and 70% from 2009. Along with a rising volume of job ads, the number of companies recruiting for Software Engineers over the past two years has grown 66%. Some of the most in-demand skill sets for Software Engineers include Java, .Net, Linux, SQL, and Perl. Employers on the West Coast placed the highest volume of job ads for Computer Application Software Engineers during September, with Seattle, San Francisco, and San Jose as the three most in-demand locations nationwide. Along with high demand, salary ranges are higher than average in these three locations. The national average salary for this occupation ranges from $91,800 to $106,000. In comparison, the range in San Francisco is the highest at $110,000 to $124,000. While hiring demand continues, the available talent pool has not grown at the same pace and Recruiters face increasingly more difficult conditions when sourcing candidates. According to the Hiring Scale™, the nationwide talent pool consists of approximately 4 potential candidates in the workforce for each job advertised online. However, this will vary by location and regional talent supply. Of the three cities listed above with the highest demand, Seattle faces the most difficult conditions and falls below the national average. With 2.2 potential candidates per advertised opening, Recruiters here are likely to experience a longer time-to-fill and cost-per-hire for open positions. Despite the fact that this position will be hard-to-fill on average, the Hiring Scale shows that the easiest recruiting conditions in the US are currently in Rochester (MN), La Crosse (WI), Lansing (MI), Wichita (KS), and Jackson (MS). About WANTED Analytics™ WANTED Analytics™ helps recruiting organizations make better decisions faster with real-time business intelligence on jobs, employers, and talent. Analytics brings together, for the first time, years of hiring demand and talent supply data to create a true talent intelligence platform for hard-to-fill positions. Contact: Carolyn Menz WANTED Technologies (212) 206-6241 Martin Auclair WANTED Technologies (418) 523-6663 337

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