Egg Noodles – Real Taste Noodle Manufacture Announces Recall

Real Taste Noodle Manufacture of Chicago, IL, recently issued a recall involving 5lb bags of egg noodle supplied to wholesalers and restaurants. The recall was announced due to the possibility that some of the eggs used in the manufacture of the egg noodle could have been contaminated with the Salmonella bacteria. This recall announced by Real Taste Noodle Manufacture is directly linked to recalls involving over half a billion eggs that were recently announced by major egg producers. The 5lb bags were supplied in cases, which contained 10 bags each, and were distributed between June 12 and August 25 of this year. Purchasers of this product are strongly encouraged to examine their purchase records and inventories in order to ascertain whether any stock they hold belongs to these potentially contaminated batches of egg noodle. Any potentially contaminated bags of egg noodle may be returned to the manufacturer for full credit. The Salmonella bacteria can cause serious infections which can be fatal in young children, elderly people, and others with weak immune systems. The infection only causes temporary symptoms in adults, and these symptoms can include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fever. Anyone experiencing these symptoms following the consumption of a potentially contaminated food product is advised to seek medical attention immediately.

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